Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cape Bojeador

Aside from The Bangui Windmill and Pagudpud Beach Strip, Cape Bojeador is one of the things I really looked forward to seeing when we had our trip up north 2 years ago.

Also called Burgos Lighthouse (located in Burgos Ilocos Norte), this establishment turned 118 years old last March 31.

This lighthouse is very memorable to me since its the first one I photographed for my series. I didn't get to see the top of the lighthouse so most probably I'll be back to visit this lighthouse after I've visited 5 new lighthouses.

PHOTO FOR SALE: Cape Bojeador

Photo on Canvas

Set on a 16"x25" black wooden frame with white matting.
Actual photo on canvas is 12"x18"

Pick-up Makati Area
If shipping, to customers account.

I have dedicated this photo to the Missionaries of Lighthouse Christian Community and I have decided that once sold, I will donate the money to the Lighthouse Foreign Missions Office. It will benefit our missionaries in Thailand.

Bidding Starts at Php3,500.00
You can buy it now at Php5,000.00

Isaiah 42:6-7
I have taken responsibility for you, kept you safe.
I have set you among my people to bind them to me,
and provided you as a lighthouse to the nations,
To make a start at bringing people into the open, into light:
opening blind eyes,
releasing prisoners from dungeons,
emptying the dark prisons.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Love Affair with Photographs

I got interested with photography back when I was in high school. Even though I only own a point and shoot film camera back then, I knew in my heart that I want to learn more about photography. About six to eight years after, I decided to enroll in a basic photography workshop by FPPF. Since it was hard to study photography with a point and shoot digital camera with no manual settings, I bought a film camera. 6 months after graduating from the said workshop, I decided to get my own digital SLR which was sponsored by my dad.

I named my first cam Toto. Why Toto?
I bought Toto last Feb 22, 2008.
Twenty Two.

Hours after I bought the camera, I left for Baguio's Panagbenga Festival. It was our first day together and we had adventure. I've had Toto for almost two years until someone stole it from me last December 19, 2009. It was a sad ending for both of us.

More than a month after, January 23, 2010, I bought Dos or Junior from a brother of a friend. And now, we are starting to make our history together.

Although there had been tragic experiences, my love affair with photography continues.


A bit about me

I am a 23 year old lady who loves to travel and photograph people, things and especially places. As compared to my friends, I am not yet that well traveled. With consideration to my budget, I try my best to tour the Philippines. Most of the time I do back packing and camping since they are cheap ways to travel. I usually travel with my family, boyfriend or friends.

I graduated from a business course in UST but I really wanted to take up advertising. Since I can no longer contain my creative juices, I decided to pursue my love for the arts through photography.

I am a jack of all trades and a master of none as of the moment.
Aside from photography, I want to pursue writing as well. I believe photography and writing can work hand in hand. I also want to develop my public speaking skills. I love attending seminars and workshops, and joining clubs that help me develop my skills and interests. Hopefully in due time, I will be able to master all of them even if just one by one.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Starts Now!

So where do I start? This blog was specifically created to document my adventures to the different lighthouses here in the Philippines.

What made me decide to photograph lighthouses? I first saw an actual lighthouse when I wen to Corregidor for a high school field trip. When I first went inside and up the lighthouse, I was a bit scared. I think I sort of inherited my Mom's pseudo fear of heights. Five years after, I visited Cape Bojeador in Ilocos. After visiting it, I fell in love with the lighthouse and I decided I will photograph the different lighthousse here in the Philippines.

Aside from the fact that I belong to a Christian community named lighthouse, it symbolizes a lot of things for me. I believe it is similar to my purpose here on earth, to be part of the great commission. Hopefully through my travels and photographs, I will be able to touch lives and do my part.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


All photographs in this blog are by Eleanor Tolentino.
No one can use any photograph in this site without my written permission. Violation with result to penaly and charges.

Note: The photo on the present header is by Crawley Photo. I will change it in due time once I get a proper photo to replace it with.